Kerry and Shilpi - directors - Talent Management think tank

Before TMTT, we had a combined 30+years experience working as commercial leaders. We were primary responsible for the people and culture aspects of our respective businesses.

Along the way we realised the value of having a community of HR and OD professionals who wanted to collaborate and bring outside thinking into businesses.

With that purpose in mind, TMTT was initiated about 15 years ago. People, talent and the future of work are the focus. TMTT has grown over time to become a highly valued network of professionals.

As approaches to people and culture have evolved, so too has our business. In 2017 we extended our services to include strategy work, accelerated development programs for leaders, resilience development and Executive Coaching.

We never lose sight of the commercial outcomes we support our clients to achieve. We remain committed to collaborating and bringing diversity of thought to our work.

Some of our clients

Shilpi Joshi

Shilpi has 15 years experience in Learning and Organisational Development having worked as an external consultant and in senior in-house roles.

She has worked at director level providing strategic input to executive leadership teams, led  L&OD teams and delivered large-scale transformational change projects.

Her ability to provide pragmatic, commercially driven solutions means that she is a trusted and respected leader, consultant and Executive Coach. Shilpi has worked with leaders across a range of industries including Advertising and Media, Technology, Banking and Finance and Pharmaceutical and Health Services.

Kerry Thiedeke

Kerry has had 20+ years of senior management experience across the pharmaceutical and telecommunication industries.

Kerry brings her experience as a senior leader, a strategic partner with senior management groups, as well as playing a driving role in the development and implementation of business initiatives.

She has developed deep and effective relationships across a good number of the ASX Top 200 companies and has become a trusted partner as an Executive Coach, strategy developer and has also had involvement on various Talent Boards.

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