Strategy: from creation to realisation

It’s not that hard to create a solid business strategy…. no, really.  I’ve seen many creative and insightful strategies from smart CEOs and executive teams who have worked hard to define the way forward for their businesses.

These leaders truly believe they have defined the vision and strategic direction. With the hard part done, their next steps are a few all-staff meetings to tell everyone to execute! These same leaders are perplexed and frustrated when they get feedback telling them people don’t “get it” let alone find it inspirational. So what goes wrong?

Time and time again, we see that senior leaders lack the insight, tools, and discipline to take strategy from creation through to realisation.

It’s hard work – no doubt about that. It takes skill, but more importantly, it takes rigour and perseverance to ensure your vision and strategy is realised.   The realisation step is the stumbling block for many leaders. They believe once they’ve given the direction to execute, the job is done.  Often missing is the discipline to translate the strategy into objectives, targets, plans and performance indicators. Continuous monitoring and feedback on how the strategy is being executed across the business is essential.

The leaders that get it right are the ones who constantly ask themselves – does this look and feel like what we set out to achieve?  If not, they keep going until it does….

We’ve worked with many leaders to take their strategies beyond execution through to realisation. We can provide the tools and methodology to make sure your business strategy is understood and translated into action across your business units and teams.

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