1. TMTT Network Group 

We have a strong reputation for providing Learning and Organisational and HR professionals with opportunities to develop their own learning and practice in talent development. To achieve this, we have created highly successful peer and social learning networks that last career lifetimes.

For over 10 years we have partnered with some of Australia’s most well-known organisations to bring outside thinking in and cultivate diversity of thought and perspective.

Senior HR & OD professionals from non-compete companies participate in four facilitated discussions throughout the year  to develop and share their talent development expertise, and build networks with senior HR colleagues.

Topics are set by the group.

Previous discussion topics have included:

  • Talent development and the future of work (people, place and technology)
  • Is the nine-box grid still relevant for identifying talent??
  • How to create an integrated talent strategy
  • Talent development trends


Upcoming TMTT Network Group Information 

CEO Forum 2017.


2. Strategy: From Creation to Realisation

It takes skill, rigour and perseverance to ensure your vision and strategy is realised.  The leaders that get it right are the ones who constantly ask themselves – does this look and feel like what we set out to achieve? 

We’ve worked with many leaders to take their strategies beyond execution through to realisation. We can provide the tools and methodology to make sure your business strategy is understood and translated into action across your business units and teams.


  • Strategy is made very clear at senior leadership levels.
  • A common language is created and messaging becomes consistent.
  • Senior leadership understand their role and accountabilities in realising the strategy.


  • Senior leadership members translate strategy for their business units and teams.
  • How the strategy will be executed is explained within the context of each business unit.
  • Priorities are defined and success measures are created.


  • Processes for how strategy will be executed and aligned are embedded.
  • Management disciplines at team and individual levels are embedded thus creating alignment of strategy across the business.
  • Business plans and performance measures are aligned.

3. Accelerated Immersive Development Program

Most development programs only focus on developing participants. They often include generic content designed to suit a broad range of businesses and contexts.

We use your business challenges to create the context and drive the development progam.

Our approach to senior leader / HIPO/ exec teams development is different because:

  • it results in more effective leaders and
  • it can assist with solutions for critical business challenges
  • by co-designing with clients, the program context and content is created specifically for each individual organisation
  • we use a variety of experiences and learning sources including on-the-job, peer, self-directed and virtual learning. We also use coaching, mentoring (including external) and facilitation.

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4. Resilience Development Program

We develop individual and team resilience in three ways:


Measure & Report Workforce Resilience

Using the Predictive 6 Factor Resilience Scale (PR6)- a holistic, forward-looking psychometric measurement of the crucial life skills that lead to the achievement of wellbeing and personal success.

Build Resilience & Improve Wellbeing

Individual and team resilience development programs that can be tailored. Resilience development is comprehensive and holistic.

Development focuses on psychological resilience domains and health factors.

Provide Predictive Analytics

The PR6 also measures Momentum, which provides a forward-looking, predictive element to the resilience measurement. This indicates likely direction of development from the current point-in-time resilience score.

   How we do what we do…

  • Facilitation– we create frameworks and environments for productive conversations and learning to occur.
  • Workshops– we design interactive sessions to teach or create a learning environment for specific skills
  • Individual coaching– working one-on-one with people to support sustainable growth over time. Typically assignments involved performance and behavioural coaching.
  • Executive coaching– involves the coach using an inquiry-based approach to personal and professional development that is aimed at creating awareness, generating action, and facilitating learning. Typically assignments with senior / executive leaders are 6 months in duration.