Accelerated Immersive Development Program

Most development programs only focus on developing individual participants. They often include generic content designed to suit a broad range of businesses and contexts. 

Our approach to senior / high-potential / executive team leader development is different because:

  • we use real business challenges to create context and relevance for the program;
  • we co-design the program content with clients to create a truly tailored approach;
  • we use a variety of learning experiences and approaches within the one program (for example  on-the-job, peer, self-directed and virtual learning, group coaching, mentoring and facilitation) so participants stay engaged, and learn how to develop through a range of experiences.

Our programs develop capabilities that research and experience show are those critical for future success.  For example:

  • critical and strategic thinking, self-directed learning and inclusivity;
  • an enterprise-wide leadership approach;
  • cross-functional collaboration and problem solving;
  • strong strategic, personal and operational networks.

Solving real business challenges as part of a leadership program brings multiple benefits including:

  • Providing participants with greater insight into the business;
  • Opportunities for cross-functional collaboration and problem solving;
  • Opportunities to innovate and problem solve on real business issues;
  • Opportunity to think strategically (as a senior leadership team would be required to think);
  • Build strategic, personal and operational networks

‘This year we have also partnered with TMTT to deliver an acceleration program which has really stretched and grown our leaders as they work on key business challenges based on our current strategy. The outcomes of these projects will help to refine our top priorities for the future whilst the individuals have gained invaluable development through thinking through business issues more broadly and testing their hypotheses for solving these complex issues during an eight month iterative process. I would recommend TMTT to any organization who are looking to ensure they are future focused and want to support the development of their leaders and talent.’

Sian Mertens, Talent & Organisational Development Manager, Kimberly-Clark ANZ 

If you’re interested in learning more – please get in contact – Kerry or Shilpi will be happy to discuss what TMTT can offer.