Resilience Assessment and Development

‘Resilience, and the ability to do more than simply cope, but rather welcome and thrive through constant change, is probably the most important trait in life today, not just in the workforce.’

Rabia Siddique, author.

‘The epidemic levels of workplace stress makes cultivating resilience, at both an individual and organisation level, a priority for HR.’ 

Australian Human Resources Institute, 2018.​

Measure and Report Workforce Resilience

Using the Predictive 6 Factor Resilience Scale (PR6)- a holistic, forward-looking psychometric measurement of the crucial life skills that lead to the achievement of wellbeing and personal success.

  • Instant Feedback & Reporting via online tool
  • Reports are informative and actionable.
  • Reports can be produced both at an individual and team level, providing insight at multiple levels.
  • Identify team trends

Build Resilience and Improve Well-Being

Individual and team resilience development programs that can be tailored.

Resilience development  is comprehensive and holistic

Programs focus on developing:

  • Purpose, meaning and goals
  • Emotional composure and stress management
  • Problem solving and change readiness
  • Tenacity and persistence
  • Collaboration and networking
  • Physical health

Use Predictive Analytics

The PR6 also measures Momentum, which provides a forward-looking, predictive element to the resilience measurement. This indicates likely direction of development from the current point-in-time resilience score.

  • Predictive insightsMeasure likely change in resilience through psychological approach and avoid patterns
  • Engagement– Use resilience measurement as a leading indicator of engagement scores
  • Retention– Measure what leads to loss of key staff and how resilience improves retention

Resilience Programs

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We offer a range of programs including: 

  • All-staff introductory workshops to the 6 Domains of resilience
  • Intact team workshops focusing on both individual and team resilience development
  • Resilience deep-dive- individual assessments and detailed development training
  • Executive Team overviews- condensed sessions for Executive teams to learn how to develop resilience in their organisations
  • Individual and Team Resilience Coaching